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Blencor prides itself on using the most advanced technology to deliver reliable quality food to each and every customer.



Blencor’s advanced blending technology ensures consistent results and optimal flavor, every time. Automated and streamlined operations reduce human error and help maintain uniformity so that each product holds up to the highest of standards.


Meal Solutions

Blencor’s advanced Sortex technology removes any defective source product and custom blends protein, vegetable and sauces to customer specifications, resulting in high quality uniform meals that deliver consistent flavor and freshness like never before.



Blencor utilizes the most versatile baggers in the industry to create custom-printed or clear bags for standard use or steaming. Blencor can produce laminated, stand-up gusseted, pillow, four-corner sealed bags and more.


Sauces & Flavorings

Blencor’s state of the art sauce enrobing (coating) ensures uniform flavor and consistency for flavored pasta, vegetables, fruit, rice and protein. Custom sauce pellets and pouches, as well as dry flavor packets are produced to exact client specifications so that your brand’s flavors stay consistent and delicious.


Product Assembly

From single dishes to complete skillet meals, Blencor offers custom product solutions to meet almost any culinary need.



Blencor’s advanced barcoding system helps our customers maintain traceability throughout the production lifecycle of the product.